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Professional Development

Unicaf Professional Development Courses: The path to your dream job!

Whether you are an early-career professional or a seasoned executive seeking to improve your knowledge and career prospects, we have a number of professional development courses, especially for you. The Unicaf Professional Development Courses are high-impact, online courses that serve as stand-alone learning experiences or as one component of an integrated development plan for your next job.

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Online higher education for busy professionals

How professionals can benefit


100% Online and 24/7 Access

Study online at your own pace, place and time. Access your course from several devices and platforms, including a desktop, laptop, and mobile app.


359 Courses

Choose among a variety of stand-alone courses from education, finance and healthcare to leadership and management, human resource management and marketing.


Continuous Student Support

Prompt student support is provided regarding any issues you may experience with your course.



Prices as low as $17.00 and many special offers.


No Deadlines

All the courses are asynchronous, self-paced and self-taught. You begin the course whenever you want, and there are no deadlines to complete it.

Electronic Certificate

Upon completion, you receive your electronic certificate free of charge. Add it to your CV and share it through LinkedIn.

Corporate scholarships are available for:

  • Bachelor’s Degrees

  • Master’s Degrees

  • Doctoral Degrees

  • Professional Development Courses

A Fast Way to Develop In-demand Skills

Unicaf Professional Development Courses complement the undergraduate/postgraduate programmes offered by Unicaf University with skills development courses in a range of fields.  The 100% online, flexible and asynchronous courses target busy professionals seeking to improve their professional knowledge and career prospects within a relatively short period of time and for an affordable price.  

There are 359 stand-alone courses that are self-paced and mostly self-taught as learning occurs virtually online without real-time teacher-led interaction. The Unicaf Professional Development Courses are designed by top academics who are experts in their fields aiming to hone one’s professional skills and broaden their horizons. They do not require prior experience or knowledge.

Through Unicaf’s partnership with the University of California Riverside Extension, professionals can also earn a certificate for an innovative course and get job-ready for an in-demand career.

Access unlimited knowledge, upskill yourself and expand your career opportunities.

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