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After Admission

 You’ve been Admitted: What’s Next?

Congratulations on your admission to Unicaf University! You are one step closer to becoming a proud Unicafian.

To ensure a smooth academic journey with us, follow the after-admission steps below to successfully secure your place as a fully registered student and start learning. Get ready for this life-changing opportunity.

Your Next Steps

Follow these after-admission steps to successfully secure your place as a fully registered student.

Once you have been accepted, your student status will change to ‘Accepted’ and the Office of Admissions will send you an official Offer Letter confirming your acceptance to your chosen programme of study and start date. Ensure that the information stated in your Offer Letter is correct.

Accept your offer of admission to confirm that you intend to enrol and pay the tuition deposit amount which was agreed upon at the time of admission. Your Student Adviser will guide you through the payment process. Once the tuition deposit amount has been paid, your student status will change to ‘Student’ and you will be given access to register for your first module.

You will receive a notification to register for your first module, the Induction module through the Unicaf online platform. The Induction module is an introductory module required for all students and introduces you to the online learning platform and prepares you for online study. Once you register, your student status will change to ‘Registered’ and will remain as such until you graduate.

Upon successful completion of the Induction module, you will receive a notification to register for the first module on your chosen programme and all subsequent modules, provided you pay your instalments according to the payment plan agreed upon at the time of admission.

You are now ready to commence your chosen degree programme and enjoy your studies at Unicaf University! From this point on, the Student Support Team will always be available to assist you with any queries you may have.


Good luck on your student journey!

The Induction Module: Believing in Great Starts

While we recognise that the induction module is part of a longer transition process from secondary to tertiary education, from undergraduate to postgraduate study, or from traditional face-to-face learning to online learning, we believe in the importance of making not just a good start, but a great one!

What is the induction module?

The induction module is designed to help you feel comfortable in this new learning environment. It introduces you to the ethos and culture of the institution, helps you build relationships and become familiar with methods of learning to effectively study online.  It is the threshold upon which students stay awhile in order to begin their new academic journey with confidence and excitement.

The induction module is self-paced with a maximum duration of four weeks. You can decide on the pace and timing of your learning experience and proceed from one section to the next at your own speed.

The module begins with a focus on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and the available support it provides. The rest of the module introduces you to the practice of writing for academic purposes.  Emphasis is placed on the development of your research skills, including critical thinking which fosters active learning rather than just the accumulation of knowledge. 

You also have the opportunity to participate in a live webinar during which you will learn how to navigate the VLE, access module resources and submit assignments and you will receive advice on making the most out of your modules.

The module consists of three knowledge checkpoints in the form of quizzes that lead to your first written assignment. This piece of work is crucial, as it allows you to gain perspective on the expectations set throughout your studies. Your tutor will provide you with constructive feedback that will prove valuable for your future written assignments.

Interacting with others and learning collaboratively

You can interact with the community of students and faculty on your module, discuss the various aspects of your learning experience and share your thoughts and feelings using the Discussion Forum. This is an opportunity to begin building your online learning community.

As you weave these interconnecting threads between yourself and others, you will be able to understand the university culture and self-reflect on it and your purpose as a student. This module will shape your expectations of tertiary education, university and most importantly: yourself.