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Admission Criteria for Unicaf University

At Unicaf University, candidates are considered for admission based on their academic qualifications, irrespective of their nationality, religion or gender. We give the opportunity to students from around the world to share an education and grow together while being miles apart. Unicaf University students are members of an international community of diverse academic and cultural backgrounds, interests and talents.

The general admission policy is based on the level of the candidate’s previous education, overall performance, suitability for the programme of study and English language proficiency.

Applications are accepted all year round. Students may submit their application by using the Unicaf University online application form and paying the application fee.

Candidates should meet the entry requirements of the respective programme of study as indicated below. *Variances may be observed based on the local education regulatory requirements relating to the country where each campus of Unicaf University operates. Students are advised to contact the Office of Admissions to find out more about the range of international academic qualifications accepted.

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