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Innovative On-campus Learning

Unicaf University as a pioneer of innovative teaching, has taken on-campus studying to the next level. Traditionally you are expected to attend classes at a learning facility or campus. This means that you have a number of lectures to attend and must adhere to a strict schedule which tends to be an obstacle for many. Specifically, for people with family and professional commitments or limited available time for a physical on-campus presence.

Unicaf University revolutionised the concept of attending classes by providing personalised face-to-face support on campus while still utilising its state-of-the-art digital platform. This has proven that it improves the students’ study experience and assists them in successfully completing their chosen programme of study.

As a student utilising one of Unicaf University’s campuses, you can benefit from a range of tools. This includes bespoke face-to-face interaction, discussions and lectures, while still having 24/7 access to Unicaf’s state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

What are the advantages of on-campus learning?

Combining the best of online and on-campus teaching for working professionals

As an on-campus student, you can attend lectures and classes at one of Unicaf University’s campuses, with the added benefit of online delivery. During your time on campus, you can interact with lecturers and receive personalised mentoring and guidance. You can also use the facilities to do coursework in the computer lab, connect to the free Wi-Fi, sign up for student clubs and attend regular on-campus events, like open lectures on hot topics of the day or free workshops on the development of specific skills. On-campus students can also socialise and network at student events, like excursions to places of interest, film screenings, music performances, quiz nights and much more.

Who can benefit from on-campus learning?

Anyone with a busy schedule, who likes to have face-to-face support and guidance during their studies can benefit from this flexible delivery model. Unicaf University’s improved on-campus model, unlike traditional on-campus studies, offers great flexibility and a host of advantages, allowing the students a more personalised learning journey, according to their schedules and needs.

Additional advantages:

  • Flexibility to study whenever and wherever you want
  • Access to your study materials 24/7
  • Interaction with fellow professionals and tutors from around the world
  • Improved learning through innovative tools employed by instructors on the VLE
  • Easy switch to full online studies if external circumstances make it difficult to attend on-campus classes

Find out more about online learning here.

Physical and Virtual Events

Unicaf University has been a host of an enormous array of exciting experiences for its students.  From Open Days, both physical and virtual, to Student Hangouts, where students gather and meet their coursemates for a day of fun activities and food!

Other than fun and games, Unicaf also hosts a large number of training workshops for anybody who wants to learn new skills or polish their existing ones. Also, the many Career Talks that Unicaf University hosts can help any student who is uncertain about the career path they wish to follow.

Outside of university-hosted events, Unicaf University also attends various exhibits and Trade Fairs to show its support to the local communities. In this way, the university develops new connections and networks in Africa and spreads the word about the incredible opportunities that Unicaf University offers to its students around the world.

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