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Increasing access to quality higher education

Unicaf University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in a wide range of subjects through its campus network. Students have the opportunity to earn internationally recognised qualifications at a low cost through exclusively online delivery or a combination of online and on-campus study. The university fuses traditional face-to-face complimentary tutorials with the active use of digital learning tools through an innovative blended learning approach.

Why Choose Unicaf University?


24/7 Access to Learning Resources

As a student utilising one of Unicaf University’s campuses, you are able to benefit from a range of tools. This includes bespoke face-to-face interaction, discussions and lectures, while still having 24/7 access to Unicaf’s state-of-the-art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).


Efficient Learning

The VLE is a digital learning platform that seamlessly integrates a working space for educational and business processes. Its smart digital ecosystem allows learners and teachers to work together at ease while ensuring user security and privacy.


Personalised Student Support

The Unicaf Student Support Department provides administrative support to all students, serving as the connective link between the students and other departments. It is committed to enhancing the student experience by resolving students’ issues and general queries through personalised support in a timely and effective manner.


Measurable Academic Progress

The digital learning platform allows students to access and keep track of all information regarding their studies, including grades, instructor feedback and level of progress per module.


Flexible Study Schedule

Students can study online, at their own pace from the comfort of their homes. They can submit their coursework anytime, anywhere, regardless of their family and/or professional commitments. Their studies remain uninterrupted by crises, lockdowns, strikes or a force majeure that may force universities to suspend on-campus teaching.


All programmes offered by Unicaf University are accredited by the relevant local authorities and are internationally recognised. Unicaf University campuses in Zambia, Malawi and Uganda are accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) as Independent Higher Education Providers.

Recognition and Accreditation

Unicaf University is a licensed university in Malawi and Zambia and is also approved to recruit students in Kenya.

Unicaf University in Malawi is accredited by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and Unicaf University in Zambia is accredited by the Higher Education Authority (HEA).

Unicaf University campuses in Zambia and Malawi are also accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) as an Independent Higher Education Provider. The Unicaf University campus in Malawi is a full member of the Association of African Universities.

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