Emily Kamizi


“Studying for my Master’s at Unicaf University greatly impacted my life and career!”

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The story of Emily Kamizi

Studying for my Master’s at Unicaf University greatly impacted my life and career. It opened up doors for me to advance my career and increased my credibility in the workplace. As a Unicaf University graduate, I am profoundly grateful, for the experiences and opportunities I had throughout my academic journey. During my time at Unicaf University, I was challenged to develop valuable skills that can serve me well in my career. I was also challenged to be analytical and think beyond my comfort zone. One of the highlights of my studies at Unicaf University was the chance to closely work with my lecturers and peers. I mostly appreciated the virtual learning environment which allowed me to conduct my studies from anywhere and at anytime. The virtual learning environment also enabled me to have meaningful discussions with my class peers. Not only were the lecturers experts in their respective fields but they were also very supportive and approachable. They always willingly offered feedback and guidance . In addition, I also gained valuable skills, such as leadership skills and communication skills through interactions with students from various backgrounds.

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