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Student Support

The Student Support Department provides administrative support to all students, serving as the connective link between the students and other departments. Student Support is committed to enhancing the student experience in a timely and effective manner by resolving students’ academic, technical and general issues. The Student Support team focuses on providing personalised support to all students verbally and/or in writing.

Support Finance

The Student Support Finance is part of the Student Support Department. It answers students’ general financial queries regarding processing payments, payment methods and any other financially-relevant issues.

Enrolment Support

Enrolment support is provided by the Registrations Department through administrative support and consistent guidance before, during and after registration. The Registrations team aims to ensure students’ smooth and convenient enrolment experience through their registration procedures and transition from one module to the other. The team is committed to building effective and regular communication with the students, keeping them up-to-date with step-by-step guidelines, tuition fees and start dates of upcoming modules or any other relevant information.

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