Unicaf University Announces Partnership with eLearnAfrica

Unicaf University Announces Partnership with eLearnAfrica

Unicaf University has announced today (February 9, 2017) that its programmes will be available on eLearnAfrica.com, thereby extending further the University’s reach throughout the continent. This co-operation proves the reputation Unicaf University enjoys as a centre of educational excellence in the region. eLearnAfrica.com is a popular mobile application and innovative web portal, offering Africans trusted sources of online education from around the world. The site has seen close to one million visitors in its first four months of operation, demonstrating the tremendous interest in online education throughout the continent. eLearnAfrica.com has partnered with leading online course providers, representing some of the best universities in the world.  Unicaf University is now included in this line up of top universities, including Harvard, MIT, and Cambridge, (available through eLearnAfrica’s partnerships with edX.org and Future Learn – world leaders in elearning).

Unicaf University is a multi-campus tertiary institution, aiming to provide quality higher education to people in Africa and the region, who want to earn qualifications of value. Thanks to its unique association with the UNICAF Scholarship Programme, one of the most generous programmes of its kind, Unicaf University is able to offer internationally recognised Bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate programmes at a fraction of the cost. Unicaf University students can study online, or through blended learning, an innovative combination of online delivery and class room instruction. They can keep their jobs and continue to care for their families, fitting their studying around their busy lifestyles and personal commitments. An extensive network of tutors, instructors and administrators provide continuous support to students, from the day of enrollment through to graduation.

Dr. Kevin Andrews, Vice-Chancellor of Unicaf University is enthusiastic about the co-operation with eLearnAfrica.com and expressed the certainty that by offering accessible and affordable higher education of quality, Unicaf University is set to make a difference in the future of African societies.

Both, Unicaf University and eLearnAfrica, aim to address the ever-growing demand for higher education in Africa.  Every year hundreds of thousands of African students are left out of higher education, because of the expenses associated with studying abroad; on the other hand, demand for placements in African universities outpaces the rate at which governments can build the necessary infrastructure, to ensure an adequate number of places.

eLearnAfrica’s mission is to make learning opportunities available to everyone,” stated CEO, Brook Negussie. “The ability to work with educational institutions, like Unicaf University, is exactly why we created eLearnAfrica.com’’ he said, adding: “We understand that it’s challenging to find trusted content on the internet.  Our platform was created to help Africans find courses from trusted third-party providers. It’s great that we are now able to offer African content to students. Unicaf University is a leader in the provision of online degrees with world-class professors, made affordable through generous scholarships.  Education is a human right, and the internet is a powerful tool in increasing opportunities for millions of Africans to earn quality degrees.  We are excited to offer Unicaf University’s programmes on eLearnAfrica.com and look forward to our mutually beneficial co-operation in the years ahead”, concluded Brook Negussie.

Students can search the range of programmes offered by Unicaf University on eLearnAfrica.com and then be redirected to the Unicaf University website to complete the application form and start the enrollment process.

To find out more, visit eLearnAfrica.com or download the eLearnAfrica Android mobile application in the Google Play Store. Alternatively visit directly www.unicafuniversity.com.

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