Blended vs Online Learning at Unicaf University

Blended vs Online Learning at Unicaf University

For centuries people were taught in buildings, at specific locations and specific times, requiring the students’ and teachers’ physical presence. The students’ lives had to fit around their learning schedules. However, technological advances have changed all this; students now have more options available to them, when seeking higher education. Unicaf University, an institution created to operate beyond the space and time limitations of traditional classroom learning, employs two of the most advanced and most effective methods of teaching: online learning and blended learning. With an almost universal access to the internet in most countries, online learning is fast increasing in popularity among students. One of the reasons is that students can stay in their home town and remain in employment during their studies. This means that not only do they save money, by not having to move and pay for accommodation and other  living expenses,  they also continue to receive their salary, and can continue their lives without major interference. Another advantage is that students are not tied to a specific schedule. People differ on when they are more likely to retain information. This means that, if they prefer, they can study late at night, in the early morning or during their lunch break at work. And, most importantly, tuition fees are much lower because there is no need for costly buildings with lecture rooms, libraries, cafeterias and study areas. Still, the support of tutors is always there for students. Blended Learning, on the other hand, combines the advantages of live interaction in a traditional classroom environment, with the flexibility of online learning. Several studies have shown that blended learning has certain advantages over exclusive classroom learning. One of the advantages is that students who have advanced in a certain subject can continue working on the material independently, while tutors can concentrate their focus on students needing additional guidance. This way nobody loses their time. Another advantage is the enhancement of the learning process by a variety of different tools available to students. In blended learning, traditional lectures and seminars are complemented by online text material, on-demand videos, chat forums, etc.[/info_list_item][/info_list][vc_column_text]Both methods of study, online learning and blended learning, take advantage of Unicaf University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which is an easy-to-use online platform that connects students with tutors, fellow students and course material.

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